I am Lucas Roesler.

I am senior engineer at contiamo.com, core contributor to OpenFaas, and an ex-mathematician.

I work with Go, Python, Kubernetes, Serverless, Observability, and REST APIS. I like rock climbing, beer, hiking, and my motorcycle.

An event-driven architecture can let you seamlessly extend your application or improve the scalability, if you can handle the eventual consistency. But your app may not be ready for this yet, or you don’t own the code in the app. A recently added a feature to faasd got me thinking about event driven architecture powered by the Postgres WAL. Which means we can seamlessly extend your app without needing to change the app!

This post will show you how to quickly deploy Postgresql along with an event listener and some custom functions. From there it’s up to you what you build.

A few more details

I have been a core contributor to OpenFaas since 2017. I implemented the secrets, logs, and profiles features as well as general contributions throughout the rest of the project including faas-swarm, faas-netes, faasd, the faas-provider, the certifier, and the Python function SDK.

At Contiamo GmbH I am a senior engineer and lead the Platform team. We design the core architecture, operational and observability tooling, and the public API of Contiamo’s DataHub platform. Primiarly working with Go and Python.

At the University of Connecticut I completed my Ph.D. studying combinatorics, tilting theory, and cluster algebras with Ralf Schiffler.

You can find a brief guide to my research here. For all of the gory details, you can find all of my mathematical papers on the arxiv.