Last month, GitHub announced new improved CI/CD with GitHub Actions. Since then, I have experimented with the new Action workflows and created an Action that wraps the faas-cli so that you can easily build and deploy your functions directly from GitHub. My initial interactions with the new GitHub Actions were not great, they really meant it when they said “public beta”. BUT!!! Having said that, there is clearly a lot of promise in GitHub Actions.

There are several ways to run small Kubernetes clusters: k3s and k3d, minikube, and microk8s to name a few. Currently, my favorite is the Kubernetes provided by Docker Desktop for Mac. But this doesn’t help my friends (or myself) when I am on a Linux laptop. It would be nice to have one lightweight and shared environment for Kubernetes. Luckily, one of the Kubernetes groups has released KinD - Kubernetes in Docker.

Lucas Roesler

I am senior engineer at and an ex-mathematician. I have worked on web applications, algorithms for image analysis, machine learning problems, and pure math research.

Senior Engineer

Berlin, DE